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 VOTE   EU Insured to pay uninsured driver compensation? - by: TrafficCop
Info: EU declares car insurance to rise so UNINSURED drivers get compensation if their car is damaged, do you agree with this policy? (source: Daily Mail 13 Jan 2017)
 VOTE   Decentralisation cures many NHS problems? - by: Gus
Info: Excessive centralisation damaging lives. Decentralisation cuts: main hospital waiting times, ambulance congestion, distance travel, costs, lost man time, staff sickness and loss. Eg: Gloucestershire hospital reduced 43 beds to 20 while others closed, local triage and efficient ambulance use lost
 VOTE   Take the Politicians out of the NHS? - by: Anonymous
Info: Support A&E Consultant Dr Robert Galloway's suggestion to take the Politicians out of the NHS, reform it and stop pointless semi privatisation and reorganisation and properly fund it, through higher levels of taxation for the rich and multinationals or making health a priority
 VOTE   All immigrants pay into NHS and Pensions on entry? - by: wvpTV
Info: UK has 8 million immigrants (all kinds not born in UK - Census), average entry age is 28, HMG loses NI and Tax for 10 years for each (compared UK born), a 480 Billion overall loss (based average UK income), that's almost the NHS Budget for 5 years lost, in Australia they pay in on entry
 VOTE   Decentralisation cures many UK problems? - by: ProfessorP
Info: Excessive centralisation is damaging the economy. Decentralisation is the NEW WAY, cuts: pollution, carbon production, congestion, transport spend, lost man time, excessive travel time and boosts struggling local economies, productivity, wage levels, tax revenue and family time, a WIN WIN
 VOTE   Cut £20 Billion NHS Tansport Pollution burden? - by: NHS-doctor
Info: Over 5 years up to 200,000 die from transport pollution, 3 times more of the UK public than died in WW2 from hostile action, the NHS, Employers and Individuals are saddled with this imposed sickness burden and costs, force government to take effective action?
 VOTE   Restore River Flows to cut flooding? - by: CouncillorTewks
Info: Force Government to address declining river flows ignored for 50 years? Parts of rivers (eg: Avon Stratford to Tewkesbury) are silted up due to historic canalisation, now just 1 meter deep (was 3 meters), the River Severn has the same problem, which causes increased flooding.
 VOTE   Slow Broadband Stunting the Economy? - by: Anonymous
Info: With speeds 8 times higher than the government fast broadband standard being common place in many areas, should government now ensure higher standards to reverse the stunting of the economy over the last desade?
 VOTE   Clean Severn Barrage instead of Hinkley Nuclear? - by: FOEmember
Info: Rising Sea Levels mean we MUST soon build a Severn Barrage to protect upstream Towns and Cities, saving 500 million a year (average annual flood damage). The barrage creates: 30 times more long term jobs, a much greater permanent boost to the economy and provides near the same amount of energy
 VOTE   Re-establish EU Country Borders? - by: Anonymous
Info: Lax EU country border control has led to illegal immigration, terrorism and security risks. Should each EU country be required to maintain secure borders?
 VOTE   Is men's football on TV pushing out other sports? - by: Anonymous
Info: In 1920 equaly sucessful Women's football was banned from FA grounds, it hasn't recovered, is the dominance of the men's game on TV pushing other sports out, eg: we now see some Six Nations Rugby relegated to Fridays, some well supported sports get little or no time on free TV thus losing out
 VOTE   Should we remove statues to hide our history? - by: Anonymous
Info: There's been controversy over the statue of Cecil Rhodes in Oxford because some feel unhappy about what he represented in the 19 century (white supremacy and colonialism), others feel it's more important to remember and learn from history.
 VOTE   Leave the EU - YES or NO? - by: SimonH
Info: The stay in the EU campaign is based on fear the UK is not capable of standing on it's own feet, this vote is about Britain NOT being held back by the EU so it can be GREAT again, no need to wait until June 23rd, Vote Now!
 VOTE   Keep Common Market and stop EU control of UK - by: Anonymous
Info: There was a Public referendum to join the Common Market, there was no Public endorsement for everything else that followed, some EU enforced changes are not in the UK Public interest, one size does not fit all.
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