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Propose A Vote

There are three main types of vote Open, Private and Secure
VoteBox™ Secure Votes provide absolute security of voting, only those intended may vote and only once during any vote. Ideal for both online and polling station terminal voting.
VoteBox™ Open Votes provide limited security and are open to anyone to vote once during any vote.
VoteBox™ Private Votes are not available to the public, ideal for members of a private group or club to vote once during any vote. Simpler to setup and use than Secure Votes.
Private and Secure Voting needs to be setup specially for each vote, please contact us for further details on running a Private or Secure Vote, see contact us button at the top of this page.
Propose Open Vote
Simply fill in the short form below with your vote proposal, after checking your proposal complies with basic decency, honesty, discrimination and other legal requirements we will run your vote entirely at our option.
Your proposed vote should be about an important current issue to your local area or your country as a whole. If it is not obvious you will need to indicate the local area and country in the Vote Info section.
We ask for your Email Address below which we will not disclose to any other (unless the law requires it).
After submitting your Vote Proposal you will receive a confirmation email with a link you must click to verify a valid email address, if validation fails your Propopsed Vote will fail.
Name: This is optional, if provided will be shown as Vote Creator, limited to 25 characters.
Vote Question: This is limited to 50 characters including spaces and must be suitable for a simple YES or NO answer
Vote Info: This should provide more detail about the vote and is limited to 300 characters.
Name (optional):
Vote Question:
Vote Info:
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